The “Ocean Snapshot” Project: People Uniting for Their Ocean Spaces

The Ocean Snapshot project is a brand-new initiative that’s been launched on the eOceans® app and platform, opening up a world of possibilities for individuals to make a significant impact for our beloved ocean.
Reading Time: 5 minutes

The Ocean Snapshot project is a brand-new initiative that’s been launched on the eOceans® app and platform, opening up a world of possibilities for individuals to make a significant impact for our beloved ocean. Image: eOceans

Reading Time: 5 minutes

With ambitions set on economic growth, the Ocean Economy has rapidly changed the way governments, businesses, and investors view global coastlines and ocean spaces – these aspirations risk displacing local ocean users. The “Ocean Snapshot” project — operated on the eOceans® app — unites people to declare the part of the ocean that matters to them. Please, join us in making the first-ever Ocean Snapshot a success!

What is the “Ocean Snapshot” project?

The Ocean Snapshot project is a brand-new initiative that’s been launched on the eOceans® app and platform, opening up a world of possibilities for individuals to make a significant impact for our beloved ocean.

We are ambitious for this project. Our aim is to unite one million passionate people to contribute at least five or more observations throughout June from around the world’s ocean and coastlines. Logs include your activity and your observations of others. 

The higher the resolution we get, the better. For example, observations clustered in the same hour are good — they generally tell who may be using that space. But, if observations cover different times of the day and days of the week, well, then we can understand variation and get a better understanding of the ocean at that space. Therefore, the more observations you log, the better our collective understanding will be about what the ocean needs. 

Is there a better way to celebrate World Oceans Day?

Each log submitted represents a unique piece of our shared narrative with the ocean. When these pieces are woven together, they help to tell our story of how we value and appreciate the ocean today. By repeating this collaborative effort year after year, we can begin to understand the evolving nature of our relationship with the ocean and witness the positive changes we bring forth.

This is an invitation extended to all.

Regardless of whether you find solace in walking alone along the shore, riding the waves with a small crew, exploring the depths while diving, or engaging in any other ocean-related activity, your voice and observations hold immeasurable value. 

Join us this June of 2023, and log your observations using the user-friendly eOceans app. Together, we will construct the FIRST EVER comprehensive map, illustrating human activities and the profound values we attach to the ocean.

Let’s embark on this transformative endeavor, where our collective efforts will chart a brighter future for our magnificent oceans.

We’ve done this before. 

Since 2010, we have been leading crowdsourced and participatory science projects around the world. 

We have gathered millions of ocean observations to describe endangered species populations and their threats, evaluated and informed policies, and pushed forward our knowledge and understanding of the ocean and our relationship with it. These results have been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals and have been used to inform many policies that protect species, areas, and people. (See our IMPACT page)

Today, after 20 years of leading participatory research project that have contributed to science and conservation using manual data collection and analysis methods, I am excited to finally be able to guide you through this transformative project using the new eOceans mobile app and platform for data collection, sharing, analysis and dissemination – so you can all follow along with the results as I do. 

Why mapping social value is important

Mapping the social value of the ocean through projects like “Ocean Snapshot” is crucial for several reasons.

Mapping the ocean’s social value allows us to recognize its significance in our daily lives. The ocean is not just a vast body of water; it is an essential resource that provides us with food, air, medicines, livelihoods, recreational activities, and cultural connections. By mapping the social value, we gain a comprehensive picture of how people interact with and depend on the ocean, fostering a deeper appreciation for its role in our society.

Mapping also highlights the diverse ways in which people engage with the ocean. It goes beyond broadly recognizing sectors, like fishing, diving, surfing or beach going, and can encapsulate the intricate interactions between them and allow for the importance of additional activities to be considered, including solitary coastal walks, beach cleanups, marine research, storytelling, and more. By acknowledging and documenting these varied connections, we celebrate the richness and depth of our relationship with the ocean.

Mapping the social value of the ocean aids in informed decision-making and policy development. When decision-makers have access to comprehensive data on human activities and values associated with the ocean, they can better understand the potential impacts of various policies and initiatives. This knowledge enables the formulation of effective conservation strategies, sustainable resource management, and the protection of critical habitats and species.

Additionally, mapping social value fosters community engagement and participation. By involving individuals from all walks of life, these projects empower people to contribute to ocean conservation efforts. It provides a platform for sharing personal experiences, insights, and concerns, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for the well-being of the ocean.

Finally, mapping the social value of the ocean creates a baseline for future monitoring and evaluation. By conducting these projects regularly, we can track changes in human interactions with the ocean over time. This longitudinal perspective allows us to identify trends, assess the effectiveness of conservation measures, and adapt strategies to address emerging challenges effectively.

5 The "Ocean Snapshot" Project: People Uniting for Their Ocean Spaces

eOceans mobile app to massively scale our cumulative impact 

The “Ocean Snapshot” project is using the eOceans® app to collect all ocean observations. 

eOceans® is a purpose-built platform designed to revolutionize your ocean exploration journey. The mobile app enables ocean enthusiasts to track their activities and log observations, expand their knowledge of the ocean, and stay updated with real-time trend tracking through expert-developed analytics and display.

In the Ocean Snapshot project, we harness the capabilities of the eOceans app to gather comprehensive ocean observations. By using eOceans, you retain full ownership of your data and enjoy the convenience of contributing effortlessly to the Ocean Snapshot project while seamlessly sharing with other projects of your choice.

No internet connection? No problem! Our app functions offline, allowing you to make observations anywhere in the world during any ocean activity—whether you’re diving into the depths, snorkeling amidst coral reefs, casting your line while fishing, riding the waves on a surfboard, gracefully sailing, enjoying a serene beach walk, embarking on a SUP adventure, or even hopping on a ferry. Helping you to track your activities is important to us, so please inform us if your preferred activity is missing from the list, and we will ensure it gets included. 

Discover the empowering capabilities of the eOceans app and become an invaluable contributor to the Ocean Snapshot project. Together, let’s unveil the secrets of the ocean and pave the way for a future that celebrates its magnificence.

Be an Ocean hero — Easy as 1-2-3 

If you see the ocean this June, for any purpose, please make at least 5 logs per day in the eOceans app to make a difference for the future of our ocean! It’s free and simple to participate. Follow these 3 simple steps: 

  1. Download the eOceans mobile app on Android or iOS and create an account. 
  1. Use the (+) icon to log your activities & observations, and make sure your data upload to the cloud. 
  1. Visit the “Ocean Snapshot” project to see the results.  

eOceans — For the ocean. For us.

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