The local initiatives in France taking on the problem of plastic waste

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Aa Aa For the duration of euronews’ Green Week, our magazine and news teams are exploring stories and solutions for a better planet from across Europe. Every year, 600 000 tonnes of plastic end up in the Mediterranean Sea. France is the largest producer of plastic waste in the region and has a lower recycling rate than its European neighbours . It recycles only 24%. On average that’s 16% less than Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. A law to limit waste was voted on at the beginning of the year. Major cities on the south coast have also promised to make more of an effort, but some locals and businesses in the Marseille region are no longer waiting for public authorities and are taking action by developing solutions themselves. A Mediterranean problem Plastic waste is everywhere. In Marseille, you can see it in parks, on the beach and in the harbour. When this plastic ends up in the Mediterranean Sea, it will take more than four centuries to degrade and it will contaminate the entire food chain. Brice and Kévin are two experienced divers. Like NGOs and other associations, they collect plastic waste. In less than thirty minutes […]

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