The Coming Revolution

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The Coming Revolution

By Thomas Cooks, Eco-Activist

I discovered Happy Eco News a few years back, and some days it utterly stuns me (in a good way) how much things are changing, how the voices of the environmentalists are building in volume, how the injustices done to the planet are being exposed for all to see.

Revolutions can be found darted throughout the history of the human race. There are times when the governing powers are overthrown because their way of leading is intolerable.

For example, the French Revolution in 1789-99, where the rich aristocrats and royal family were living lavish lifestyles, whilst most of the country lived in squalor and poverty. The masses rose up and questioned the rule of the monarchy, fought for their basic human rights, and overthrew the ruling elite. The power of all the people speaking as one voice with one mind really can change the way something works.

global climate strike s@AlexZee via Twenty20 The Coming Revolution
Students demanding climate action, September 2019. Image courtesy AlexZee via Twenty20.

One voice that is building, is the green voice. People WANT to change their ways; they care about the environment and what damage they are causing to it.

Without the people, all the big polluters would have no money or power and they know it. The movement is growing, the pressure is mounting, and the old ways will crumble at some point. What is the point of a company ploughing away at a coal mine, for it to run dry in the next decade, and then no one around to buy their coal anyway because their lands have been flooded or burnt?

We all know that renewable energy and being environmentally conscious is the ONLY future humans have that could be considered “normal” and sustainable. We are finally seeing governments “wake up” up to this information, and they are making progress (some a lot faster than others), with Biden now elected and voicing green change, China aiming for 2060 net-zero and many more countries actively pursuing greener pastures, keeping the global temperature rise to 1.5c is now strongly becoming a real possibility! And that is not coming from me, that is coming from Bill Hare, who’s part of the Climate Action Tracker.

What’s great about all these changes and pledges is that, really, they can only get better, for if they underperformed, or changed their goals for the worse, the backlash from other governments or even their own population would be tremendous.

The French president halted an EU trade agreement with South America due to the constant destruction of the rainforest, which we all know as the lungs of the world. President-elect Joe Biden has also shown distaste and condemnation towards the Brazilian president who consistently ignores the advice of scientists and environmental groups. If the old farts and boomers of the world want to make it out the other side of this fight, they better start shaking up their act, because change is coming for them, whether they like it or not.

international youth climate strike @maginnis via Twenty20 The Coming Revolution
Student protests in September 2019. Image courtesy maginnis via Twenty20.

From the top tiers of government to the grassroots of your neighbourhood, you can feel the winds of change.

Just this week, my family and I filled in surveys for our town because our council wants ideas for how to make the community more eco-friendly and greener. The habitat management business I work for has announced they are purchasing a fleet of electric vehicles for us to use in 2025.

More and more companies appear to be placing the environment at the forefront of their business plans; whether it’s ensuring the clothes they produce are made from recycled or natural materials, or that they carbon offset their deliveries, or that with purchases the company contributes to nature. There is a coming revolution, and it is looking greener every day.

For the foreseeable future, we are going to encounter skeptics, critics, and pessimists; people who can only see what is wrong with the world and no possible way to fix it. But if people like me, you, the Happy Eco news team, and other like-minded millions across the world, continue fighting, we can set in motion lasting changes to halt, and then reverse, the damage being done.

And finally, a quote I’ve recently found from Nelson Mandela resonates perfectly with my feelings.  It simply says, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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