The climate crisis is here, but we can still turn the tide

solar sunset solar windmills against gorgeous golden hour sunset background wind sustainable power t20 GGPdk6 The climate crisis is here, but we can still turn the tide

Margaret Ackerley is senior vice president and general counsel of WWF When I first came to WWF more than two decades ago, we talked often about the dream of making ‘our’ issues everyone’s issues. Judging by nearly any media outlet today, I’d say that goal has been met, though not in a way any of us would have wanted—headlines of wildfires, heat, drought, and storms were not the way we hoped to see conservation issues become embedded in the public consciousness. The sixth report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) , assessing the latest state of global climate science, leaves no room for debate: we must collectively act on the climate crisis and we must act now. It is often said that the climate crisis is at once the most important policy issue of our time and the most difficult to solve, especially since historically it presented a perfect storm of factors favoring inaction: it required near-term actions (and costs) against a ‘far off’ problem; the problem itself seemed theoretical to many, and the solution required collective action across the globe. “My hope for the future is we look back and see the summer of […]

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