The City One is a compact, community-focused electric car

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If less is more, then The City One is more car than you’ve ever seen before! This car is small, efficient, eye-catching, tough, and yeah — it’s electric . The entire design of this vehicle is sleek inside and out. There is no waste, no excess, just clean design. The style is rather minimalist , in keeping with modern design trends that celebrate simple lines and uncluttered design. AMC, the company behind this vehicle, has a different vision for its electric cars. It specifically designed The City One with community needs in mind. As ACM states on its website, “Our mission is to provide universal access to affordable electric vehicles in cities across the world. Thereby, we want to address the issue of climate change and overall improvement of quality of life.” According to information compiled by ACM, 85% of people have access to a household socket. The City One can be charged simply by plugging it into one of these household sockets. You can also charge it using a fast charger. At home, the vehicle charges in about 8 hours. With the power charger, it will recharge in 5 hours. This vehicle is powered with low-voltage 48 V […]

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