The business of gardening continues to bloom across India amid the pandemic

farm farm garden agriculture child gardening gardening boy toddler father dad farmer farming t20 Xz0Ozl The business of gardening continues to bloom across India amid the pandemic

As first-time gardeners find comfort in nurturing plants and growing their own food at home, nurseries across the country bolster their inventory to keep up with rapid sales “Over the last couple of weeks people have been speculating about an impending lockdown. And that has brought even more plant enthusiasts here,” says K Subramaniam, the owner of KS Garden in Panaiyur. “They want to stock up on a variety of flowers and foliage to cheer them up as they stay indoors.” In addition, this rising bevy of first time gardeners are also buying compost, coco peat and pots so they can nurture plants and see something positive take shape in a world that is unnervingly unpredictable right now. With this sudden influx of clients, Subramaniam says he had to round up his troops to manage the crowd on weekends. “Normally I have three to four sales assistants but on weekends I need at least 10 of them,” he says. With the fresh lockdown restrictions starting today, he is now allowed only 50% of his staff and the nursery is permitted to be open till noon. While he expects the shorter working hours to impact business, he adds that on […]

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