The Big Read: Taking the climate fight beyond straws and tote bags — individual actions that matter

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Rising temperatures and erratic weather patterns have brought the effects of climate change closer to home more than ever — prodding many to take small steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle such as buying reusable straws and bags. (Photo: Raymond Limantra/TODAY) SINGAPORE: In a country where most people do not think twice about buying new clothes, Mr Leow Yee Shiang has not bought a single piece of clothing in the past two years. The 31-year-old civil servant practises what he calls a “minimalist lifestyle”. He rarely shops, and has only bought four items for himself this year – a water bottle, socks, lenses for his sunglasses and a motorcycle plate number. Advertisement What sparked the decision? Mr Leow said it happened early last year when he was packing his belongings for his return to Singapore from Australia, where he had been living with his wife for two years because of work. I got a bit fed-up as I was packing … There were many boxes. I got so angry at myself that I just started throwing away things. Among some of the items which he threw out included his wedding photo and its frame, as well as the love […]

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