Tesla Model Y is being is prepped for production

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3 Tesla Model Y exclusive image – front Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla has ordered the tooling for the new Model Y, and that production of the firm’s fourth model is set to commence shortly. The new all-electric SUV will be built in the firm’s Gigafactory in Nevada, alongside Tesla’s battery packs and electric motors. Musk plans for the batteries and powertrains to roll off one production line, straight onto another, joining the Model Y for assembly. This would eliminate the clumsy transportation network for Tesla batteries and motors between Nevada and California, a process that currently plagues the assembly lines for the Model S , Model X and Model 3 . According to Musk, the new Model Y will share up to three-quarters of its components with the Model 3, including the platform. Potentially, then, the Model 3 could join the Model Y at Tesla’s Nevada plant for construction, once the infrastructure is in place. Tesla originally planned for the Model Y to be on sale this year but company setbacks, such as the firm’s record £523 million loss from May of last year, delayed the project. The launch date for the Model Y has since been […]

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