Tech companies remove or block 11.6 million listings for prohibited wildlife and products

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Coalition companies also raised awareness of threats to wildlife as well as an understanding of what is prohibited on company platforms and ways for users to report suspicious listings. Since the launch of the Coalition by WWF, TRAFFIC, and IFAW in 2018, the number of companies participating more than doubled from 21 to 47, now including companies with operations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas and comprising more than 11 billion user accounts around the world. “Since the release of the Coalition’s 2020 progress report 18 months ago, Coalition companies have removed an additional 8.3 million listings for prohibited wildlife,” said Crawford Allan, senior director of TRAFFIC at WWF. “This is due to increased availability of wildlife online and subsequent response by companies to address this threat, including enhanced automated detection systems. Overall, it is a fraction of prohibited wildlife that’s out there, but we continue to scale our impact even further with determined efforts by more companies globally.” Coalition members ramped up efforts to tackle the problem in a variety of ways, including: Strengthening their wildlife policies Training staff to detect potential illegal wildlife products and live animals Taking action on suspicious listing reported by wildlife experts […]

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