Swiss Post Aims for Net Zero Emissions by 2040

Swiss Post aims for Net Zero by 2040 and has established its own plan for removing emissions from operations.
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Swiss Post aims for Net Zero by 2040 and has established its own plan for removing emissions from operations. Image Unsplash.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Swiss Post aims for Net Zero by 2040 and has established its own plan for removing emissions from operations.

Switzerland has set an ambitious target of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions across the country by 2050. Aligning with the national goal, Swiss Post, the country’s postal service, has established its own aim of achieving net zero emissions from operations by 2040. Through a combination of fleet electrification, renewable energy investments, efficiency improvements, and carbon offsetting, Swiss Post plans to play its role in tackling climate change.

Swiss Post aims for net zero by 2040 target in July 2022, as the company’s CEO Roberto Cirillo announced. This makes Swiss Post one of numerous major Swiss companies to establish net zero goals, including Nestlé, ABB, and Roche. The private sector is moving swiftly in Switzerland to take climate action and transition towards sustainable business models.

Key Initiatives to Reach Net Zero

Swiss Post aims for net zero by introducing several initiatives to put itself on track for decarbonization by 2040:

  • Electric Vehicles – Swiss Post aims to convert 50% of its delivery fleet to electric vehicles by 2025. As transport makes up significant emissions, electrifying vans and trucks will drive major reductions.
  • Energy Efficiency – Upgrades like LED lighting, building insulation, and heating system improvements will curtail energy usage across Swiss Post’s infrastructure.
  • Renewable Power – Investing directly in new solar and wind projects will allow Swiss Post to source emissions-free electricity.
  • Carbon Offsetting – Swiss Post will finance external projects focused on emissions reductions to offset its impact for remaining stubborn emissions.

Wider Sustainability Efforts

On top of chasing net zero carbon emissions, Swiss Post is also working to minimize its environmental footprint through initiatives like:

  • Reducing paper and plastic consumption across its products and packaging.
  • Promoting reusable and recyclable packaging.
  • Streamlining transport routes to optimize mileage and fuel consumption.
  • Supporting sustainable supply chains via supplier standards and partnerships.

Switzerland’s Climate Leadership

The postal service’s efforts complement wider sustainability leadership demonstrated by the Swiss government recently. Measures at the national policy level helping to pave the way for net zero success include:

  • Implementing a carbon tax on fossil fuels in 2019.
  • Investing heavily in renewable energy research, development and deployment.
  • Joining the Paris Climate Agreement to cut national emissions.
  • Providing funding for technologies like carbon capture to help decarbonize.

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Achievable Ambition

Swiss Post acknowledges its 2040 net zero target is highly ambitious. But as CEO Roberto Cirillo stated, the company believes it is achievable through vigorously pursuing the right measures across operations. With supportive national policies also accelerating Switzerland’s sustainability transition, Swiss Post is confident of reaching net zero well before mid-century.

The journey will require continued focus, investment, and diligence in execution. But Swiss Post considers climate action an imperative for responsible corporate citizenship. The postal service hopes to inspire other Swiss companies to take up the net zero mantle by actively pursuing emissions reductions and transparently reporting its progress.

Switzerland has previously demonstrated global leadership in environmental sustainability on issues like recycling and renewable energy penetration. Swiss Post should be proud to walk the next leg of that journey by setting an ambitious net zero trajectory for itself and the country at large.

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