Sustainable plant protein wins The Liveability Challenge 2019

Sophie’s Kitchen, The Liveability Challenge 2019 winners. Image: Eco-Business Sophie’s Kitchen, a firm that makes a sustainable plant protein, is the winner of The Liveability Challenge 2019, a global search for ideas to make Southeast Asia’s cities more liveable and resilient. Its idea emerged on top of a shortlist that included a 3D printer that uses organic materials, a low-energy airconditioning unit, a drink cup rental service , an energy-efficient data centre, and a system that converts diesel engines to hydrogen. The protein, made with microalgae, can be used in anything from dietary supplements and cooking oil to biofuel, and will become part of a global market for alternative protein set to be worth US$16 billion by 2025, according to Eugene Wang, Sophie’s Kitchen’s co-founder and chief executive. We want to turn Singapore into a protein powerhouse. Eugene Wang, co-founder and chief executive officer, Sophie’s Kitchen In pitching his company’s sustainable protein, which will be available for US$2 a kilogram, Wang explained that while growing a tonne of protein from beef uses 141 hectares of land, to grow his protein requires just 0.02 hectares of land. The S$1 million in prize money will go towards setting up a research […]

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