Sustainable investing no longer means sacrificing returns

A 4.5 megawatt solar farm in Napanee, ON, part of the Skyline Clean Energy Fund. The fund focuses on renewable energy producing assets backed by long-term government contracts. Sustainable investing used to be considered on the fringe, with more importance placed on profits, dividends, and shareholder satisfaction than on preserving quality of life for future generations. Now, with climate change in the spotlight, sustainable practices often take priority as much as returns. While it’s supposed that Millennial and Gen Z investors are leading the charge when it comes to investing in, and purchasing from, environmentally sustainable businesses, a Nielsen study found that the desire to invest responsibly is shared by all generations. Sustainable investing is the process of investing in corporations that do not compromise the needs of future generations in order to meet the needs of the present. It particularly refers to environmentally-friendly practices such as lowering energy usage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Investment firms that have implemented such practices are seeing a positive impact in terms of investor satisfaction and community enrichment. Skyline Group of Companies (“Skyline”), an umbrella organization which includes entities that offer private investment products, and provides support services related to those products, […]

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