Sustainable Fashion: Moss Bros Releases Eco Suit

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Moss Bros have released a range of sustainable suits- the eco suits, which is a piece of excellent news for the fashion world and our planet. There is a climate crisis, and sustainability is urgent in this world. It’s no argument that there are more and more people becoming aware of having to have ecological clothing choices. However, it’s not easy to have an ethical wardrobe when there isn’t a lot of options available. Fast fashion, instagram culture, and the idea you can’t rewear clothes have definitely had a big part to blame for the pollution our clothes are causing. However, Moss Bros is not one of them, with their amazing view on the future of fashion and their new range of eco suits, making such a highlight and change to this industry that many should follow. Why is sustainable fashion so important? It’s pretty simple, our planet is dying, and we aren’t helping by the clothes we put on our back, and a lot of people aren’t aware of it either. It’s only just being conversed about, and still not enough, so with brands like Moss Bros’ coming out with eco options, and educating us about the crisis, […]

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