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Happy Eco News was founded by me (Grant Brown) in January 2018. It started small, with just a few posts per week for the first few months. Costs were low and the time commitment was manageable. Since that time the site has grown significantly and two things have happened:

  1. Grant at the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul late in 2019. One of my last work trips before Covid-19.

    The workload has increased to the point that I can no longer manage all of it by myself. I hired Kathy Smith and Jamie D’Souza a couple of months ago in the role of admin and content manager. They are very good at their work and very good costs money…

  2. At the time of writing, the website itself has roughly 6,300 posts and accompanying images. Traffic to the site is increasing weekly. These two things combined required me to find a more robust website host for the site. The new host is faster and more reliable, making a better experience for you, the audience. A fast, reliable host with support and automated backup costs a significant amount of money each month (about 10x as much as the last one).

Most importantly, I want to keep the site free for everyone who needs some positivity and Happy Eco News so the idea of a paywall or some subscription model is not going to work.

I think this site is important for people as a way to find hope in this sometimes very bleak world we live in. I believe things will start getting better, but I will never have a members-only paid access section. I also want to continue to grow so we can reach and help more people. To do so, we need to hire more experts, including graphic artists, social media experts, video editors, and most importantly, writers to increase the original content on the site.

3 Patron Levels: But I also realize times are tough for a lot of people, especially this year. As a way of thanking those who can support us, and encouraging people to sign up, we are pleased to offer 3 levels of patronage to suit any budget.

General Supporter – Our basic level of support. As a General Supporter, you will be supporting the operation of Happy Eco News and its continued growth. Support Happy Eco News



The Happy Eco News sticker 3 pack

Sticker Supporter – Like the General Supporter, you will be helping Happy Eco News grow and continue to provide the content you love. At this level, you will receive a Happy Eco News logo sticker pack after three months – free to you as our way of saying thank you. Support Happy Eco News



Super Supporter – Just like the two other levels, you will be supporting the continued growth and ongoing costs associated with running Happy Eco News. As our way of saying thanks, after 3 months you will receive a sticker pack and a Happy Eco News t-shirt free, as our way of saying thank you. Support Happy Eco News


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All this costs money and we need your help. Please consider supporting us via Patreon and we will keep doing the good work as best we can. As always, Happy Eco News will remain free for everyone who needs it. In this crazy world that is one thing you can always count on.

We also recently set up a PayPal account to accept one-time or ongoing donations. You can choose any amount you like using any major payment method you prefer.

Thank you for your support,

The team at Happy Eco News