Squad Solar Car is coming to the USA

The Squad EV is set to revolutionize green transportation in the United States.
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The Squad EV is set to revolutionize green transportation in the United States. Image: Squad Mobility

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Squad Solar Car is coming to the USA

It’s a new era for green transportation. Squad Solar Car, the new electric vehicle company, is bringing its first product to US markets. It’s sleek, small, powerful, and equipped with all the latest in green automotive technology. This electric vehicle is set to revolutionize green transportation in the United States.

The Squad EV is a tiny, two or four-seat EV, a little bigger than a large golf cart. It charges continually via the sun and is augmented by the grid. In the U.S., it will retail for $6,250. Designed for private owners living in urban settings, the company also sees it as a potential competitor or addition to shared electric scooters or bike fleets. In many cases, electric bikes do not replace a standard pedal bike, they replace cars. This new segment fits somewhere in the middle, providing the ability to carry groceries and commute in dry safety.

“We are seeing a tremendous interest from the USA, specifically for markets such as sharing platforms, gated communities, campuses, (seaside) resorts, tourism, company terrains, hotels & resorts, amusement parks, and inner-city services,” Squad Mobility co-founder Robert Hoevers said in a statement reported by Electrek. 

Some of the best features of Squad Solar EV include:

  • 70kph (about 45mph) top speed.
  • 100km (62 miles) range on a full charge and 20km (12 miles) per day additional from onboard solar charging.
  • Swappable batteries allow unlimited range as long as a fresh battery is available when needed. 
  • A smartphone app that lets you monitor your power usage and solar production in real-time
  • Short length, 3 Squads will fit in a standard parking spot
  • Nimble turning radius of only 6m (20 feet).
  • 243L (8.6 ft2) of storage space. 

The Squad Solar EV is a revolutionary new electric car that promises to revolutionize how we drive. Not only will it be more environmentally friendly than traditional cars, but its sleek design and advanced technology make it an attractive option for drivers of all ages looking for an efficient and fun ride. With its entry into the American market, this innovative vehicle has finally made its way here, offering consumers a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles. We look forward to seeing what else this exciting new product has in store for us! Squad EV will begin production in 2023.

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  1. I trust that the Squad cars with be able to be retrofitted with electromagnetic radiation harvesting to assist with recharging the battery.

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