Spain’s solar energy market could receive HUGE €70 billion cash injection by 2030

SOLAR energy could light up Spain with investments worth up to €70 billion by 2030, Secretary for Energy Jose Dominguez Abascal has said. Speaking at a conference in Madrid, the politician added: “Spain is going through a unique historical moment, which should be taken advantage of. It’s a great challenge, but also a great opportunity for development.” Sunny Spain hopes to have 35% of its energy needs met by renewable energy by 2030, putting it ahead of any other European country. Industry leaders have enthusiastically greeted the government’s commitment to renewable energy. Antonio Delgado, from Aleasoft Energy Forecasting, said: “We are living a revolution and Spain is a gold mine.” Solar energy firms have created 19,000 jobs and the sector is set to boom with plans to remove a tax on home and business owners who use solar energy making it an ever more attractive alternative to fossil fuels.

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