Solar Lights – The New Eco-Friendly Home Decor

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Solar Lights – The New Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Home decoration is taking an eco-friendly direction, and many are switching to solar lights. Before, this wouldn’t have been an interesting concept, but now the designs and aesthetics the companies are providing are worth exploring.

So, if you are looking through some solar light options, you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will give you an elaborate guide to where you can ornament with these solar lights.

Why Go Green

Before we get into the decorative part, why should we choose this sustainable source of electricity over the kind you have been using this far?

– They are a renewable source of energy that encourages sustainable development.

– Your electricity bills will be cut down to half.

– Electricity itself is responsible for 34 billion tonnes of carbon emission per year. It is our responsibility to cut down on the carbon footprint.

So, when you are getting the aesthetic and eco-friendly, why not choose the better option? Yes, the cost is a little high, and you have to pay for maintenance, but in the long term, it is worth it.

Solar Lights Becoming The New Home Decor

Here are some of the ‘green’ solar light options you can decorate for decoration and safety.

1. Solar Yard Lights

These lights are for your perimeter lighting. Your driveways, gardens, backyard, and poolside should always have light at night time as it helps you to feel secure. Plus, darkness gives the intruders a perfect place to hide.

 When you choose solar yard lights, you do not have to worry about the ugly options. Now, you can get them in different colors and styles to match your aesthetic vision for your house. 

2. Smart Solar Lighting 

Speaking of security, you can now get motion-sensing solar lights. With the crime rates increasing, and more individuals opting to stay alone, a motion sensor light is what they need at night to sleep peacefully.

These lights sense the motion in front of them, and then a siren goes off, which alerts the owner and everyone around that someone is trying to lurk, break, and enter.

You get these lights in the color white, but if you wish for a brighter option, you can get one with higher lumens. Lumens are the unit that measures the brightness of a light.

3. Solar Chandeliers

Many of us have a fascination for chandeliers, but when it comes to electricity bills, we opt out of that option. However, solar chandeliers are a great way to enjoy the aesthetic without drilling a hole through your pocket when it comes to electricity bills.

You can try these simple or extravagant solar chandeliers with a light hue of your choice. Plus, these are a great light source to brighten your gazebo, which is often in the middle of the yard, and surrounded by darkness.

4. Solar Gazebo Fairy Lights

Speaking of Gazebos, in order to make this place a warm outing area for evening dinners, you have to ensure enough lighting. Along with other bright flights, you can even get solar fairy lights to beautify the area.

You can use solar fairy lights anywhere outside since they do not take long to charge. Running them with solar batteries will cost you less than having an electrical connection for them.

5. Solar Flashlight

A flashlight is probably the most important piece of equipment in emergencies. So, why not get one which will not require a sudden change in battery? All you need to do is let it sit in the sun all day, and then you can use it all night.

When it comes to flashlights, it is better to get one with higher lumens, as a camping trip feels more secure when you have a light that illuminates quite the radius of the wild.

6. Indoor Solar Lighting

Indoor solar lighting will require you to install a solar power panel. With this generated electricity you can even power any other equipment along with lights. However, if you do not have the luxury of a plane, there are two ways you can light up a nook near the corner:

– One is to keep the lights near a window where they can get enough sun exposure. Probably at the east end.

– Having a portable battery or a portable charger that you charge in the sun to light up the interior of the house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Since solar installation and lights are still a novel subject for many, confusion is not uncommon. Here are some of the frequently asked questions over the internet that the experts have tried their best to answer. 

1. What Is The Ideal Temperature For The Solar Panels To Work?

Ans. The perfect temperature for the solar panel to work efficiently is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If the surrounding is between 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 90-degree Fahrenheit, the solar panels will work properly. However, whenever it gets more than 149 degrees Fahrenheit the solar panel’s functioning will start to decline. 

2. Can Solar Energy Work At Night?

Ans. Without the sun, it is not possible for solar panels to work. Therefore, it is only sensible that you get solar panels installed so that you can charge the equipment beforehand. Other than that, you can also charge your solar lights under a strong LED. 

However, that wouldn’t be very lucrative since the whole idea of solar lights is to cut down on electricity. Therefore, keep a small solar power bank for your portable solar lights.

3. Will My Solar Lights Work The Same In Rain?

Ans. Yes, the solar lights will work even if the sunlight is faded with the clouds. Plus, rain is the perfect way to get your yard solar lights cleaned from the dirt and debris accumulating.

4. Are Solar Panels Expensive?

Ans. Getting an entire solar panel installed can cost you a little. However, this cost will be worth it, with the twenty-year-long longevity you are getting. Yes, you have to keep up the maintenance for it to work for that long.

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