So Much For Saving Coal Jobs: More Offshore Wind Jobs Waiting In The Wings

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The US offshore wind industry has been soldiering on despite conflicting signals from federal policy makers, and it appears to be weathering the storm. After all, the November elections are less than three months away. Presidential administrations come and go, but key companies in the energy sector industries can stick around for generations, and a flurry of recent news indicates that the US offshore wind sector is gearing up for more clarity and confidence in the years to come. The US offshore wind industry is gearing up for a sea change in federal policy — and more green jobs — after the November 3 elections. Bigger, Taller Offshore Wind Turbines For Maryland When the topic turns to the ups and downs of offshore wind development in the US, one factor to keep in mind is the global profile of the wind industry. The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is known for his antipathy to wind turbines , especially offshore turbines . However, that’s barely a flea bite of concern to global firms that are plowing R&D dollars into more powerful turbine technology, with an eye on more supportive markets around the globe. Take Maryland, for example. The state […]

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