Small Changes To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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Small Changes To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

We all need to get involved in the fight again climate change and global warming. Not everyone has the budget to buy equipment dedicated to being eco-friendly. With that in mind, try these simple, budget-friendly ways to make your home more sustainable. 

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There are many simple ways to live a more sustainable life at home. Image via Pexels

Don’t Wash Your Clothes With Hot Water

90% of a washer’s energy goes into just heating the water. By switching to cold water for your laundry, you can reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and keep your clothes in better condition. This is because cold water can actually reduce wrinkles, shrinkage, and fading when compared to hot water. With the power of modern detergents, cold water will still properly clean your clothes. Modern detergents are designed to activate in lower temperature settings as low as 60 degrees.  

If you do need more powerful washing, such as for oil stains, the warm water setting is more than enough. From an energy perspective, you’re still doing a better job too. 

Get A Recycling And Compost Bin

Grabbing these bins creates a win-win for the planet and for your plants. By just having a recycling bin, it will remind you to recycle and make it a routine. A compost bin is not as common as a recycling bin, but it’s great for anyone who needs compost, or if you just want to reduce your overall waste. Having a compost bin will transform waste into nutrient-rich soil that will keep your garden and houseplants thriving.

Buy A Water Filter

Bottled water is a bad thing. The bottles are bad for the environment, the water isn’t cleaner than filtered water, and the cost level will add up. Consider buying a water filter and a reusable water bottle to level up your eco-friendly game. Water filters don’t have to be expensive either. A pitch filter still helps to promote sustainability and there are quality ones out there for affordable prices. 

Go For LED Light Bulbs

Get rid of your incandescent light bulbs and switch them to LED ones instead. Did you know that 90% of an incandescent light bulb’s electricity gets wasted on emitting heat? That is really inefficient, and that excess heat can create hazards in your home like overheating and shattered glass. LED light bulbs are a little more expensive, but they last longer and will reduce your electricity bill, lessen your carbon footprint and save money in the long run. 

Use Natural Cleaning Supplies

Most cleaning supplies that you will find on supermarket shelves contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous to both the environment and your health. Pre-packaged natural cleaning supplies are okay, but they are a bit too pricey for what they’re worth. This is where products from an eco friendly shop or DIY cleaners come in. DIY cleaners are cheap, all-natural, don’t use plastic packaging, and you probably already have all the ingredients in your home. Baking sofa, vinegar, lemon juice, and ground coffee beans will be your best friends in cleaning your home in a more eco-friendly way. 

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