Simon Sinek Says We Got Global Warming Wrong – Updated

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Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker and author, says that climate change has a branding problem. He argues that the way we talk about climate change is too focused on the negative consequences, such as rising sea levels and more extreme weather events. This makes people feel hopeless and powerless, and it can lead to inaction.

Sinek suggests that we need to rebrand climate change as an opportunity. He argues that we can use climate change as a catalyst for innovation and progress. We can create new technologies that will help us to live more sustainably, and we can create new jobs in the clean energy sector.

Sinek also says that we need to make climate change personal. We need to connect it to people’s everyday lives. We can do this by talking about the health impacts of climate change, such as heat waves and respiratory problems. We can also talk about the economic impacts of climate change, such as crop failures and damage to infrastructure.

Sinek believes that if we can rebrand climate change as an opportunity and make it personal, we can get people to care about it. And if people care about it, they will be more likely to take action.

Here are some specific examples of how we can rebrand climate change as an opportunity:

  • We can talk about the economic benefits of investing in clean energy. Clean energy jobs are growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy.
  • We can talk about the health benefits of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Air pollution from burning fossil fuels is responsible for millions of deaths each year.
  • We can talk about the security benefits of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Oil and gas imports make us vulnerable to price shocks and supply disruptions.

By talking about climate change in this way, we can make it more appealing to people and more likely to motivate them to take action.

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