Serial Vegan-Investor Leonardo DiCaprio Believes Beyond Meat Is Pioneering the Future of Protein

Leo Cropped-3-2 In a recent Facebook post , actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio shared a link to a Fast Company article featuring Beyond Meat, asserting that vegan meat is “the future of protein.” DiCaprio’s involvement with this booming vegan meat company isn’t new; the company officially announced his investment in October 2017. The legendary star was not vegan at the time, and he has yet to publicly make the commitment, but he has continuously shown his support for smart plant-based products that show promise. As a recognized and respected environmentalist , DiCaprio is well aware of the deleterious impact of the animal agriculture industry, and his investment in Beyond Meat helps to champion the cause for a more sustainable, plant-based global food system. This particular Facebook post was surrounded by other articles highlighting environmental issues, such as a Guardian article titled, “Earth’s Resources Consumed in Ever Greater Volumes” and a Yale article that read, “Rivers in the Sky: How Deforestation Is Affecting Global Water Cycles.” It’s fitting that Beyond Meat’s mission is to eradicate these global issues by paving the way for a socially accepted protein alternative – one that does not deplete the Earth’s natural resources yet […]

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