Scientists to explore ‘radical’ plans to repair the climate and save the planet

efreezing the polar ice caps by spraying salt water high into the atmosphere is one of the climate change solutions to be explored by scientists. Picture: Contributed Refreezing the polar ice caps and turning vast areas of the ocean into ‘green’ zones are among radical climate solutions to be explored by scientists in a bid to save the planet from catastrophic climate change. The University of Cambridge has launched a new research lab to explore radical ways of fixing the Earth’s climate. The Centre For Climate Repair has been established in response to concerns that current efforts to tackle climate change by reducing emissions will not be enough to halt or reverse damage to the environment. The project is being co-ordinated by Sir David King, a former chief scientific adviser to the government, who warned that it was vital to explore every possible solution as time “is no longer on our side”. “What we continue to do, what we do that is new and what we plan to do over the next ten to 12 years will determine the future of humanity for the next 10,000,” he said. The group will explore geo-engineering proposals once considered potentially harmful, but […]

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