Saving Our Ecovillage

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Wednesday 2 September

BBC One Wales, 7.30pm

At Brithdir Mawr Community, in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains, the residents grow their own food, rear animals, generate their own electricity, and even have their own water supply. This new documentary, Our Lives: Saving Our Ecovillage, follows the eco-community as they strive to save their completely self-sufficient lifestyle, with the lease of the land soon to expire.

The community’s 17 residents live in converted cowsheds and barns around a shared farmhouse. Though some have day jobs outside of the village, all residents are expected to contribute, whether it be looking after the poultry, milking the goats, or planting fruit and veg. The village also contributes to the wider community with one of the converted farm buildings used as a classroom for residents and people from outside the eco-village.

Brithdir Mawr resident Nick Ward says, “It’s part of our remit, that we’ve got this fabulous 85 acres in a beautiful location and we want to share that with as many people as possible. And also share the benefits, and the problems, with community living. So hopefully they go away with a little idea of how they can live sustainably.”

However, after 25 years of enjoying the independence of living off the grid, it is now a make or break year for the community as the lease of the land is soon to expire. With the landowner looking to sell up, he’s given the members of the village a few months to find the money to buy him out. Determined not to let the land go to a private buyer, the residents must embrace the world of business if they aim to raise the £1 million to preserve the land, seeking out the help of an advisor to put together a business plan for the future.

Saving Our Ecovillage is part of the Our Lives series, celebrating the diversity of society.

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