Role Models Award Winners Lead the Way in Healthy Materials

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Myco-Electronics for the Circular Economy Courtesy Eldy Stephanie Lazaro Vasquez A proposal for electronic components made from mycelium was awarded the grand prize in this year’s edition of the Parsons School of Design Role Models Competition. Sponsored by the Healthy Materials Lab , a research lab within Parsons, the competition is intended to surface student projects that exemplify innovation in the realm of healthy materials. In order to be considered for the award, which comes with a $1,000 cash grand prize, projects must include a life-cycle diagram demonstrating the proposed design’s carbon impact. Using mycelium, the increasingly popular bio-based material , Eldy Stephanie Lazaro Vasquez, a student at the University of California, Davis, used mycelium-hemp boards to fabricate the non-conductive components of simple DIY electronics, including SD card readers and circuit boards. Myco-Electronics for the Circular Economy Courtesy Eldy Stephanie Lazaro Vasquez Called Myco-Electronics for the Circular Economy, the proposal demonstrates that mycelium’s natural thermal resistance, light weight, malleability, and hydrophobic properties make it well suited to electronics applications. In particular, the project responds to the global e-waste problem, suggesting a way to reduce electronics’ reliance on chemical compounds and mined materials. Other noteworthy projects in the competition proposed […]

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