Respira, the hydroponic smart garden that purifies the air

Respira, the hydroponic smart garden that purifies the air
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Toronto-based New Earth Solutions is offering a sustainable and compact method for natural air purification. Respira , a hydroponic smart garden, helps improve the air quality of indoor spaces, something that society has found an additional need for since spending more time inside the home. The self-sustaining garden can be mounted on the wall or set up in a planter to complement multiple styles. Respira is completely user-friendly — no green thumb required. Installed in about 10 minutes, the garden essentially takes care of itself via a patented biofiltration process with a self-watering, self-feeding and self-lighting system built-into the design. An automated controller accessible through a touchscreen and phone app manages and monitors things like water temperature, water level, water flow, air temperatures, humidity and TVOC levels for air quality . As for foliage, buyers can currently choose from three different kits: a “tropical” assortment with hearty and low light rainforest plants , a “vibrant” assortment with bright and colorful plants, and a “pothos” assortment with a combination of Devils Ivy, Golden Pothos, Marble Queen and Jade Pothos. System dimensions are just 39 inches in height and 19 inches in width, while the body, made from bamboo and sustainably […]

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