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We will be adding resources to this page that will help you to live an eco-positive life and make better decisions.

Ecosia Search Engine: – Ecosia is a carbon-neutral search engine that uses ad revenue from a traditional search engine ad model to plant trees. A certified B-corp, Ecosia publicly lists its income each month and the total number of trees planted. To date (October 2022), Eocisa has planted 160 million trees and counting since its inception.

Eco Anxiety: 5 Tips to Reduce Eco Anxiety – a short PDF booklet created by the people at Happy Eco News to help you to find a sense of hope and reduce the anxiety so many of us are feeling these days. Originally published in July 2021. Please share the link if you know someone that is feeling overwhelmed by the climate crisis.

Carbon Offsets: ReGreener – Want to make a positive change but short of time? Regreener will plant trees for you for a small recurring monthly or one-time fee. The program works with verified tree-planting organizations around the world and provides validation of results. Their program also invests in green energy, rainforest protection, and scientific research.

Herbicide-Free Campus: Herbicide-Free Campus is a coalition of students, professors, scientists, experts, non-profits, community members, environmental lawyers, and social justice organizations that work directly with groundskeepers and school campuses to eliminate the use of herbacides in public schools. You can join as a student or school employee or donate to their good cause.

Kids Against Climate Change:  Kids Against Climate Change is a free to use, age-appropriate, student led website that helps children to safely learn about the issue of climate change. It has no advertising, and doesn’t require registration and is run by retired former school teacher Kottie Christie-Blick.

Do you know of a website, product or service that helps people help the environment? Email us and let us know.

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