Remodeling? Meet the guy who’s cleaning up home improvement

FIXER UPPER If you’ve ever renovated a home — hell, if you’ve ever watched HGTV — you know it involves all the frustrating twists and setbacks that make for great reality television. Add eco-friendliness to the equation, and you’ve got a mind-boggling challenge worthy of a show of its own. ( Love It or Grist It , perhaps?) Sure, picking a fixer-upper is easier on the planet than building a new house from scratch. But there’s more to consider: Should your carpets be made of agave or recycled milk jugs ? Should your walls be made of hempcrete or potato peels ? And, if you land on hempcrete, which brand should you buy ?? That’s why Matt Daigle — a Canadian with an adorable accent and some serious start-up cred — founded the sustainable home improvement site Rise . He wants to make fixing your house gentler on our collective home, and save a bit of your sanity at the same time. In 2014, Daigle and his wife finished a hurried home renovation just in time for the arrival of their first child. But once she was born — and, he admits, after seeing that still-high power bill — […]

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