Reduce embodied carbon with hemp insulation batts from NatureFibres

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CC BY 2.0 Naturfibre hemp insulation/ Lloyd Alter They should rename the town of Asbestos after this stuff. According to the CBC, the town of Asbestos, Quebec is changing its name. "There is really a negative perception around asbestos," Mayor Hugues Grimard told CBC News, referring to the widely banned mineral that was mined there for more than a century."We have lost businesses that don’t want to establish themselves here because of the name." Even Twitter wondered: Label says it is made in "Asbestos" Quebec. Yikes! 😉. — Rick Evans (@rickrevansjr) December 4, 2019 I think they should rename the town Le Chanvre , French for hemp. Like asbestos, it is a locally made insulating product, however the hemp insulation made by NatureFibres is totally healthy and doesn’t pose any kind of health risk. Unlike asbestos, natural, plant-based products that sequester carbon are the future of green building. The cellular structure of this natural fiber, diffusion-open to water vapor, offers hygrometric regulation properties to the building envelope. Breathable, it helps regulate moisture build-up from varying outdoor and indoor temperatures. The interior climate and humidity levels of your rooms are optimized. Hemp absorbs a large quantity of CO2 during its […]

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