Recycling Mystery: K-Cups & Other Coffee Pods

coffee time variety flavor of Recycling Mystery: K-Cups & Other Coffee Pods

There’s no doubt that single-serve coffee makers are downright convenient. Java drinkers can make just one cup of coffee to their exact liking while their housemates, office mates, or clients can make coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, chai) to their own personal tastes. No more arguments over how dark or light or which flavor to brew the community coffee pot. The major downside to a single-serve coffee maker is the plastic pod that remains after you make the coffee. There are many brands of single-serving coffee makers on the market and a few different types of little pods that hold that delightful, personal, single-serving of coffee grounds. Unfortunately, that single-use coffee pod is very hard to recycle. This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of these links, we receive a small commission that helps fund our Recycling Directory . Keurig’s Efforts Keurig was one of the first single-serving coffee makers on the market (if not the very first). The company knows that the waste from its disposable K-Cup coffee pods is a problem and wants to do better. So they’ve made some changes to make K-Cups recyclable . Keurig now makes K-Cups from polypropylene, […]

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