Preventive Measures You Should Take To Avoid Water Contamination 

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Preventive Measures You Should Take To Avoid Water Contamination 

In the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors the drinking water quality by restricting chemical and bacteria concentration. 

However, occasionally, the water gets contaminated due to the high degree of microbes and harmful chemicals. Bacteria may enter the water from its sources, such as groundwater or water from lakes or rivers, or via a distribution system. 

Regardless of how the water gets contaminated, it affects the human body significantly. It can result in health concerns such as cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid, diarrhea, Parkinson’s disease, multiple myeloma, and more. 

Fortunately, there are effective measures to prevent water contamination and live a healthy life. So, let’s cut to the chase. 

  • Install Water Filters

The easiest approach to guarantee that your tap water is safe for ingestion is to use a water filter. These are available in various styles for your kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, a filter can be installed under your sink, on the tap, or the main water line. Believe it or not, it works wonders for eliminating unpleasant odors from faucets and showers.

If you want to safeguard yourself from toxins in other areas of your house as well, you can use a reverse osmosis system close to any faucet. It will ensure that the system eliminates the most dangerous compounds from domestic products, like cooking oil or detergents, before you ingest them. 

  • Improve Your Septic Tank System

Every household uses septic tanks to facilitate wastewater treatment. Therefore, it is essential that you clean it regularly. Doing so will ensure that the water is pollutant-free and safe for consumption. 

To improve the septic tank system, you can contact professionals. They will replace the filter cartridge and clean the lid seal. If it seems necessary, they may also add a new filter. You can also ask them for their advice on keeping the tank in good condition. 

You can further avoid contamination via septic tank systems by keeping the tank clean, tight, painted, and damage-free. Additionally, remove the algae, debris, and animal dropping from the tank. 

  • Exercise Your Rights

The government and legislative system provide you with the right to water and sanitation. If you are not gaining access to clean drinking water, thereby getting sick, you must report the same to local authorities. If they do not take appropriate action even after your complaints, you should file a lawsuit against them. 

You can take the situation of Camp Lejeune as an example. 

As this area is located near the military base, many families, veterans, and workers were exposed to contaminated water for over three decades. As a result, they reported the medical conditions stated above and even poor fertility rates, congenital disabilities, and renal toxicity. That’s why victims file lawsuits to get compensation and avail of VA benefits. 

In fact, even now, if a person suffers from a severe medical condition due to water contamination in camp lejeune, they can hire a water contamination lawyer to file a lawsuit and get a rightful claim. It is crucial to understand that you have been given rights by the government, so you must exercise them with the help of a qualified lawyer. It will encourage others to follow your path and get justice.  

  • Dispose Of The Water Waste Appropriately 

Last but not least, you should dispose of the water waste appropriately to ensure you and others have access to safe drinking water. Simply put, if the water waste is not disposed of properly, it pollutes the environment, water supply, and region. When it happens on a large scale, it leads to health concerns. 

To avoid this situation, you must decide on disposal techniques. Filters, chemical treatments, and more sophisticated techniques like reverse osmosis systems or ultraviolet treatment stations are some of the commonly used methods of disposal. 

Make sure not to dispose of pollutants in the sewer, garbage, and yard waste. It is important for public health and safety as well as to spare your neighbors from having to cope with unpleasant odors and problems like clogged drains.

Similarly, if you have pets, never throw their waste into lakes, streams, or on the ground. Rather, dispose of it at a facility that has been approved to take pet waste.

To Sum It All Up: Prevention Is Better Than Cure 

There is no need to explain the importance of clean drinking water. However, there is definitely the requirement to understand the cause of water contamination and make efforts to improve the prevailing condition. And for that, you must follow the measures explained in this blog post. 

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