Plastic brick to launch in South Africa

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A new invention which turns unwanted plastic waste into bricks will be launching in South Africa. This innovation hopes to transform the country’s current unrecycled plastic waste into homes, hospitals, schools, and roads while creating jobs and helping the environment. The Center for Regenerative Design & Collaboration (CRDC), based in Costa Rica, has created these Ecoblocks from shredded plastic waste. The finished product that’s extruded into blocks is a resin-limestone hybrid called EcoArena PRA (Pre-Conditioned Resin Aggregate). The EcoArena PRA and Ecoblock is an innovative environmentally-friendly product which incorporates regenerated waste plastic particles combined with a standard sand-cement mixture to produce a highly resistant, durable cement or cement block. These blocks have been tested in Costa Rica for the last two years and will now be launched in Cape Town by the end of November. CRDC has partnered with a leading operations company that has extensive expertise in waste management solutions to run this pilot project and the full-scale factory which is expected in the first half of 2020. South Africa has a significant plastic waste problem, making it the perfect pilot site for this new product. The country currently consumes 1.5-million tonnes of plastic annually, of which only […]

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