Photographs of Nature to highlight plastic pollution in the wild

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Oriental skylark foraging on plastic | Photo Credit: Goldy Santhoji A social media campaign featuring photographs of birds amid plastic pollutants tweeted with #saynotoplastic, highlighted the life-threatening side of the material A stunning photograph of a shot-eared owl stares at you from the Yamuna bank. Look closer and the background piled with plastic waste comes into view. This tweet by Goldy Rajiv Santhoji (@goldsant) with the hashtag #saynotoplastic is part of an initiative by World of Wilds (@WorldofWilds) and Wildlife Trust of India (@wti_org_india), started on Earth Day to highlight plastic pollution in the wild. Goldy who founded World of Wilds platform on Twitter last year in October says the objective is to keep the conversation going on wildlife and treasure and conserve the beauty of flora and fauna. He is thankful to Vivek Menon and Rupa Gandhi of Wildlife Trust of India for their support in the campaign. “We want to reach out to the younger generation. One of our followers Samarrth Khanna is a 19-year-old. He, along with his friends has created a natural habitat, a mini forest out of wasteland.” Samarrth’s (@SamarrthK) photograph of the rare and elusive jungle cat can be seen feeding on trash […]

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