Pet Docs: Tips for being an eco-friendly pet parent

To reduce feral cat populations, be sure to spay and/or neuter your cat. My (Perry Jameson) family has decided to do what we can to be eco-friendly. We recycle paper, plastic and glass; we ride bikes or walk if we can instead of driving; and we compost any food wastes for our garden. I realized however I was doing nothing to decrease the negative impacts my pets could be having. So here are several things my family is starting to do that will help our pets be eco-friendly and, if you follow suit, yours too. How you manage your dog and cats poop can impact the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies pet waste as a nonpoint source pollutant, the same as herbicides and insecticides. These are all agents that, with rain or snow-melt runoff, get moved into natural bodies of water and underground drinking water. Pets can shed bacteria and parasites that can potentially infect humans by ingestion of contaminated water. Also, children playing in areas where pets have defecated can be exposed to these organisms. So if your dog poops in your yard, the park, or out on a walk, do not leave it there, pick […]

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