Operation to remove barrels from grounded ship completed

An operation to remove barrels from a ship which ran aground off the Cork cost has been completed. The MV Alta ran aground about two kilometres west of Ballycotton almost two weeks ago. The US Coast Guard had previously rescued the crew members from the ship back in September 2018. Cork County Council’s oil spill assessment team met several times as part of its contingency plan in response to the grounding. The council confirmed on Wednesday that an operation to remove the oil and other possible contaminants – which had been collected into barrels – was successfully completed. It said 62 full barrels and 33 empty barrels were airlifted by helicopter from the wreck to a prepared drop-off area. Image: Cork County Council They were then transferred onto a vehicle and removed by an environmental agent. As a further precaution, Cork County Council has left oil absorbent pads and booms at some locations on-board where there could be residual seepage. The waste oil will be disposed of by a licensed contractor, and the council has been advised that most of it may be disposed of by recycling for use in road-making materials. The council acknowledged the input of all […]

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