Ohmie is a 3D-printed lamp made from orange peels

orange Ohmie is a 3D-printed lamp made from orange peels

Milan-based start-up Krill Design has 3D printed Sicilian orange peels into a tactile lamp that can be composted along with organic household waste. The designers at Krill Design turned to orange peel to create the lightweight lamp because of the citrus fruit’s ubiquity in Sicily, Italy. Each lamp is made from the discarded peels of two or three oranges sourced from a family-owned food producer in the Messina province of Sicily. Top: each lamp is made from two or three oranges. Above: Ohmie retains the natural bumpy feel and smell of oranges "We needed a material that would not run out and given that Sicily alone produces about 3 per cent of global oranges, that allows us to stock up on the peels and be able to always produce Ohmie," Krill Design told Dezeen. "We are keen on promoting a local and fully Italian supply and production chain. Oranges are one of the many Italian produces renowned worldwide and we believe it is a nice symbol." Ohmie is made from locally sourced Sicilian oranges From its patterned surface to its orangey smell and vibrant colour, the 23-centimetre-tall lamp was designed to reflect its origins. The designers hope the lamp […]

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