Nuven vegan sneakers are made of recycled balloons

close up of old fashioned grunge hipster high top sneakers with laces in black and white shoes t20 Kyb0PK Nuven vegan sneakers are made of recycled balloons
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The conventional shoe industry relies heavily on plastics and animal leathers , but the newest focus within the industry is on selecting animal- and Earth-friendly materials to create vegan shoes. One such shoe brand, Undo for Tomorrow, recently released Nuven, a vegan sneaker partially made from recycled party balloons along with other sustainable materials. Undo for Tomorrow was born in 2018 in Rio de Janeiro and has since moved its home base to Lisbon. However, the company still bases manufacturing in Brazil and works with a fair-trade factory that shares its values. “Our partner is a family-owned factory incredibly strong on environmental responsibilities and human and social rights, with good working conditions and wages. They invest in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, using only high-quality materials, supplied mostly within the Brazilian domestic market itself.” The Nuven line of sneakers is gender-neutral and available in four colorways: vanilla rainbow, desert camel, dark gray and black bird. The company describes the sneakers as lightweight yet durable for a long lifecycle. From the inside out, the shoes are vegan, incorporating recycled and natural materials with a weatherproof coating to keep feet dry in all types of weather. The inner lining is made from […]

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