Nullker: United By Love To Earth

Nullker: United by love to Earth
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Nullker: United by love to Earth. Image: Nullker

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Nullker: United by love to Earth

Every idea originates somewhere deep inside. And once it comes out, it can potentially change the world. From a force that moves you, it suddenly becomes a force that moves everyone around you…

My name is Viktor Khodanov. I am the Founder of Nullker Company

I have been interested in nature since childhood. I was never into fairy tales – I loved popular science books instead. I also had a large collection of videos about animals, jungles, etc. And all of this would have remained in my childhood if not for the pandemic… 

As the lockdown took away the lion’s share of income from my then-business, it gave me back a lot of free time for change (pun unintended). I spent it in the forests, on the banks of rivers and lakes. We watched sunrises and discovered sunsets, and there was nothing but this beauty around. That’s when a dreamer – that boy from my childhood – woke up in me, and I decided to devote myself to nature conservation. 

But deciding did not mean doing. I still needed to figure out a way to change the status quo of nature-human relations, not merely reduce or patch the damage done. 

After three unsuccessful attempts to present my project to investors, I finally managed to find a rational economic grain and proposed a new business logic the investor believed in. Now, all I needed was for everyone in the world to believe in it, too.

As a startup with a novel and complex idea at its core, Nullker faced a few stumbling blocks on its way to becoming. For instance, we had no experience with international projects whatsoever; we had limited resources and time, and a lack of expertise in the area… Notwithstanding, all the above was overridden by a motivated team and inspiring goals. Then again, aside from the internal issues, there were also external, global ones we aimed to solve.

I believe in people and their amazing ability to solve the most complex problems. Humans have built an economy that allows us to live the most comfortable life in the history of mankind, with good medical care and high levels of education. The problem is that all this abundance is built solely on natural resources that are mostly finite and unevenly distributed. Ever wondered why the pyramids are in the desert? Africa was once the cradle of civilization. Many ancient civilizations were erased from the face of the Earth due to depletion of natural resources. And we must learn that lesson. 

Ecology and economy are more intertwined – tangled even – than one may think. For instance, I think the problems of ecology cannot be solved without solving the problems of poverty. Furthermore, only people who are not preoccupied with survival can actually solve environmental problems. Hence, it is both a natural opportunity and an economic duty of the richer countries and their societies to lead the environmental change. 

I believe we can solve the world’s problems and do it ever so elegantly. Inter alia, Nullker represents small eco-projects from Africa and other parts of the globe (such as Mangwende Orphan Care Trust). By supporting them, you give these people jobs and opportunities to do what they love most. By subscribing, you give these people confidence in the future and make them realize that environmental action can be a way out of poverty, a way to stop migration, and a way to restore lost natural habitats in their local communities on their continent. I love it when one action can solve several problems at a time.

While being people-centred, Nullker still learns from nature, building its own ecosystem, where different parts fulfil their roles and coexist in balance, synergy, and prosperity. 

Nullker’s mission in the world is to create business processes that are beneficial to all participants, with the side effect of improving the environment and enhancing biodiversity. What makes us different from other similar projects is this focus on mutual benefits. We believe that a system where one gives and the other only takes is not sustainable. That’s why we decided to create a service where environmental projects get support from both companies and people. People get economically rewarded for their help via discounts and special offers from various green companies, and companies can support eco-projects and get new grateful customers from our platform in return… 

Wouldn’t that be a perfect world?

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