Nudes tops greenery-covered Forest School in Pune with looping cycling track

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Architecture studio Nudes has designed a school covered in plants and topped by a cycling track shaped like an infinity symbol for Pune , India. Forest School in Pune is the winning entry for a competition to design a new educational facility for the city in western India . Nudes ‘ plan for the school is to build a conjoined pair of six-storey cylindrical towers wrapped in greenery, with a looping cycling track on the roof. At 32 metres at its highest point, the school will feature a double-height auditorium at ground level with five floors of classrooms above. The cycling track that tops the building will create two bridges between the towers, one raised over the other to complete the endless circuit. Stepped balconies covered in plants will ring the exterior of both buildings, creating a vertical forest up the facade. "The ‘green living skin’ serves to purify the air from pollutants and related challenges affecting the health of the inhabitants of a city," he added. Plants can remove pollutants from the air by a process called phytoremediation , whereby certain plants are able to absorb toxic chemicals via their leaves or roots. They also convert carbon dioxide […]

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