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No Compromise 

Guest Post by: Lightbeam, a story-telling platform 

Celebrity makeup artist Campbell Ritchie is proof that we don’t need to compromise our values, our skin’s health, or the planet to feel beautiful. She is so unwilling to sell out that she’s lost lucrative deals but she doesn’t carry an ounce of regret.

Ritchie is a former model who went on to develop her gift for makeup artistry, working with top models and celebrities such as Kate Moss, Devon Akoi, Naomi Watts, and Angela Lansbury. She is on a mission to enlighten others about the wastefulness and toxicity of her industry, as well as introducing her dedicated followers to nourishing alternatives. She has made it a non-negotiable to stock her makeup box only with products from the most environmentally conscious brands packed with natural ingredients. 

Campbell and DP on beach scaled No Compromise

A new short film (4 min runtime) by Tiffany Bartok, Campbell Ritchie: No Compromise, chronicle’s Ritchie’s meteoric rise, her ethics, and her commitment to the environment and organic makeup-products. Well-versed in toxic ingredients, Ritchie steers clear of  brands that do not align with her values. Instead, Ritchie collaborates with brands that are working to make a positive impact in the makeup and skincare industry. 

“My ethos has and will always be ‘morals over dollars,’” said Ritchie. “Of course, I wanted the big advertising jobs and huge beauty campaigns, but someone has to stand up for the voiceless. It’s not enough to do lip service and greenwash your way through the beauty industry; it’s about walking the walk and putting in the action.”

Perfectly aligned with Ritchie’s “no compromise” philosophy, the film is presented by Hear Me Raw, a clean beauty skincare line, and distributed by Lightbeam, a new streaming company dedicated to content that uplifts and inspires. 

Campbell on set with crew scaled No Compromise

“The whole idea of ‘no compromise’ is so on point because we shouldn’t compromise on animal testing or using animal by-products in beauty products. We shouldn’t compromise on non-sustainable packaging when 100 billion pieces of beauty packaging wind up in landfills every year. The answer to animal testing, using animals in beauty products, and non- sustainable packaging is a flat and resolute ‘NO,’” proclaims CEO and founder of Hear Me Raw, Mike Indursky.

The film goes beyond make-up and delves into the real-life damage that toxic chemicals can have on our health. Ritchie shares her brave triumph over breast cancer and how she fought it with holistic measures. 

Ritchie’s drive to educate on sustainable ways to glow, feel radiant and look the part is inspiring;  most importantly, it centers the well-being of the planet and our skin. 

“When I leave this planet,” she continued, “I want people to say, ‘Wow, Campbell did everything she could to make a difference in this world; she made huge, lasting changes in the beauty and fashion industry’ — NOT ‘She was a great makeup artist.’”

Campbell on set doing makeup 2 scaled No Compromise

WATCH the full film here: 

Campbell Ritchie: No Compromise


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