Nissan LEAF Leads Norway Car Sales In August

The Norwegian plug-in market shifts more towards BEVs. In August, some 6,109 new passenger plug-in cars were registered in Norway , which is 13.3% more than a year ago at an amazing 42.1% market share . Not bad… especially now that diesel stands at just half of that – 21%. The market currently seems to be shifting more towards all-electric cars than plug-in hybrids: BEVs: 4,157 (up 49.3%, 2.6% market share) + 1,394 ‘used’ + 215 vans (207 new and 8 used) + 1 FCV PHEVs: 1,952 (down 25.5%, 13.4% market share) What’s new in Norway New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – August 2018 Nissan LEAF strengthens its position as the best-selling car, regardless of powertrain. In August, 1,241 new LEAFs were registered ( 8.5% of all passenger cars), while 8,012 YTD gives the LEAF 7.9% share and #1 with an advantage of roughly 1,700 registrations over the second place Volkswagen Golf (all versions: all-electric, plug-in hybrid and gasoline). We don’t know how many Hyundai Kona Electric were sold in the first month , but it seems a low three-digit number is a solid guess (there are 409 registered with less than 200 ICE versions at the […]

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