New Yorkers fascinated as dolphins spotted swimming in East River

New Yorkers fascinated as dolphins spotted swimming in East River

A video of a pair of dolphins swimming in New York’s once famously polluted and dirty East River has served as a reminder that the body of water is cleaner than it has been in more than a century. It has also triggered a degree of fascination among New Yorkers who have greeted the rare sight of the aquatic mammals swimming in the shadows of Manhattan’s soaring skyscrapers with delight on social media. A tweet of a video clip posted by social media user Cailin Anne with the caption: “Dolphins, in the East River. What” has been shared thousands of times, including by media organizations. According to Twitter, the video was taken from WNYC Transmitter Park on the Brooklyn side of the East River. Dolphins, in the East River. What. — Cailin Anne (@cailinanne6) March 23, 2021 Dr Howard Rosenbaum, director of the Wildlife Conservation Society Ocean Giants Program, told ABC7 that this was an uncommon sighting, but noted that it’s difficult to assess if the animals were potentially in danger in the river. “Hopefully this is a group of animals that has been able to freely swim into this area and will freely swim out of the […]

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