New York City Property Owners Commit to Energy Efficiency, Reducing Costs

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Thirteen property owners in New York City have agreed to invest in technology like sensors, solar panels, LEDs and other energy efficiency solutions, and the buildings’ combined efforts will save $175 million in energy costs. The properties are joining in the NYC Carbon Challenge , which include Google, Barclays and Deutsche Bank, and will remove an additional 360,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. Overall, the NYC Carbon Challenge hopes to save $700 million in energy costs and reduce 1.5 metric tons of carbon emissions by the time it is completed. Participants in the carbon challenge develop and implement long term energy plans and apply technology to reduce carbon emissions from buildings. New York City says it will use results from the initiative to form its overall strategy to decarbonize buildings throughout the city. The program began in 2007 and includes more than 125 organizations and 3,000 buildings across the city’s five boroughs. The city says participants have cut their annual emissions by more than 600,000 metric tons of carbon and have saved nearly $200 million a year in lower energy costs. Several of the new partners in the carbon challenge are already implementing energy efficiency strategies. Beam Living says […]

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