New York Bans Animal Testing of Cosmetics

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New York Bans Animal Testing of Cosmetics

If you’re a cosmetic lover, you’ve likely heard about New York’s new law preventing cosmetics from being tested on animals. This is just one of several states that have enacted similar laws. In fact, eight US states have already banned the practice. Other states that have passed animal testing bans include Virginia, California, Louisiana, New Jersey, Maine, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois and Maryland. Several cosmetic companies have also endorsed legislation prohibiting cosmetics from being tested on animals.

New York’s ban is a significant step toward ending cruel cosmetic testing practices. For years, animal advocates have been calling for a ban on animal testing. After many years of controversy, the state of New York finally joined the party.

Animal tests for cosmetics have long been controversial. There is no reason to test ingredients on animals, especially since modern testing methods are safer, less costly, and faster. Today, thousands of commonly used cosmetic ingredients have been proven safe for human use.

Until now, animal testing was the only way to prove the safety of a product. Earlier, cosmetics were tested using various methods, including chemical application to the skin, force-feeding animals large amounts of the substance, and even dripping chemicals into rabbits’ eyes. But these tests are now obsolete. With new technology, scientists can model human cells to show whether a product is safe.

The animal-testing ban does not apply to federal regulatory agencies. However, the new law does require manufacturers to use validated test methods. And it could put New York in a position to lead the way to a federal ban. Although there are a few exemptions to the ban, it will still prevent cosmetics from being tested on animals in the state.

Several US states, including Hawaii, have banned cosmetics animal testing. It is estimated that more than 40 nations have banned the practice. A recent survey found that nearly seventy percent of New Yorkers support a ban.

The ban will make New York the 10th state to ban animal-tested cosmetics. Many animal rights groups have been cheering the new law. Those who advocate for the ban say the practice is unnecessary and inhumane.

In addition to a ban on animal testing, the law also requires manufacturers to use alternative testing methods. These alternatives include silica and in vitro testing. Also, cosmetics manufacturers will have to certify that they are cruelty-free. Some manufacturers may choose to discontinue the production of products that have been tested on animals, but this will not be required.

The law is important, and it won’t solve the problem, but it is a great step forward.

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