New rooftop solar hydropanels harvest drinking water and energy at the same time

In many of the places that have abundant solar energy, water is scarce. This new solar panel product can produce 10 liters of clean drinking water per day.

Sunlight + Air = Water . It’s a befuddling equation, but it’s at the heart of a new solar hydropanel developed by Arizona-based startup Zero Mass Water . The company’s SOURCE panels can be installed atop any building just like standard photovoltaics, but instead of just harvesting solar energy, […]

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One comment

  1. Seriously, they advertise the ability to remove water from 5% air? That should be a red flag to anyone watching. I am getting a very big deja-vu from the water-seer scam.

    Secondly, the cost itself is ASTRONOMICAL. Even if we take their as-advertised costs (which sound right) their as-advertised production (which seems quite high) and assume that they don’t have any drop-off of efficiency (engineering impossibility). You get a cost of $0.30 per liter. That is literally 100 times what I pay for water.

    Look at this cost of desalination, which has a graph with units of $/cubic meter. And Desalination is known worldwide as the most expensive method of getting potable water.

    Any location that could afford such a design has far better methods of acquiring water

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