New governors accelerate clean energy action, propelled by Democratic midterm wave

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The highly anticipated wave of state-level clean energy policy stemming from last fall’s midterm elections is just beginning to make its way across the country, aided by a crop of eleven new Democratic governors, seven of which flipped previously Republican seats. Many governors have already made clean energy policy a priority in their first month, laying the groundwork to continue or begin their state’s transition to a cleaner, more efficient electric grid. "We’re seeing a lot of public comments from a number of these governors that indicates that the commitment to clean energy was more than just campaign rhetoric," J.R. Tolbert, managing director at Advanced Energy Economy, told Utility Dive. "It was actually a commitment to seeing that rhetoric become policy, which is exactly what we were hoping for and what we believed we were seeing from them on the campaign trail." As the White House continues to push a pro-fossil fuels agenda, many advocates for the clean energy transition have turned their attention to state level policy as a means to address climate change and energy priorities. A growing number of governors have committed to the Obama-era U.S. goal under the Paris Climate Agreement, which requires states to […]

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