NetBit’s 7 Key Eco Focus Areas in the Lifecycle of a PSU

NetBit Eco Lifecycle 900x e1626443455472 NetBit’s 7 Key Eco Focus Areas in the Lifecycle of a PSU

NetBit’s 7 Key Eco Focus Areas in the Lifecycle of a PSU

NetBit Eco Lifecycle NetBit’s 7 Key Eco Focus Areas in the Lifecycle of a PSU

When designing a power supply unit, it is important to examine the keys areas within a PSU lifecycle from design to disposal.  

At NetBit, our eco-design philosophy addresses 7 focus areas, including: 

1/ Design  

Design optimization is vital to eco-design and holds the potential to have the biggest positive effect on the environment. By matching the power output and increasing efficiency you can save a huge quantity of wasted power, thus cutting down CO2 emissions over the total product lifetime. Moreover, there are further positive impacts for optimizing power and using lower nominal output, including: smaller size, fewer materials, higher shipping efficiency, to name a few.  

2/ Raw Materials  

At NetBit we’re starting to replace virgin plastics with PCR (post-consumer recycled ) materials, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. We have successfully implemented 50% PCR materials for the case of the power supply without impacting robustness and fully in line with applicable safety standards. In the mid-term, our goal is to increase the PCR content to 80%. 

3/ Assembly  

NetBit assembly lines have been improved to incorporate more energy-efficient lighting, better air-con systems with temperature controllers, and better-insulated buildings powered more by renewable energy sources. Our factory partners have always invested in the best and up-to-date efficient automated assembly, inspection, and testing equipment, which removes manufacturing inaccuracies and reduces waste and disposal costs. We also use responsible plating, soldering, and solvent-based adhesives and cleaning processes that eliminate any serious water and air pollution. 

4/ Packaging 

 We use 100% recyclable materials for packaging our power supply units. We have already introduced several eco-measures for bulk packagings such as vegetable-based inks, and non-bleached kraft cardboard and replacing commonly used plastic tapes with paper-based alternatives.  

5/ Shipping 

At NetBit we create products that are designed for higher shipping and packaging efficiency. We are also developing new packaging designs for SUP-free transportation to meet international packaging standards. By incorporating innovative paper technologies that are easy to recycle, plastics and harmful materials used in shipping are becoming a thing of the past.  

6/ Energy use during field deployment 

In addition to exceeding the needs of the most demanding energy efficiency standards, our new range of products can be easily customized to give customers specific peak power output capability which helps to reduce the nominal rating of the power supply unit, whilst maintaining the ability to deliver a certain level of power for short periods if required.  

7/ Recycling / Disposal 

NetBit is looking into how e-waste disposal works across the areas where our products are geographically deployed and investigating future options to ensure that our power supplies can be disposed of responsibly after their life in the field, and, wherever possible, appropriate recycling of the relevant materials to contribute to the circular economy. 


To find out more about how NetBit can optimize the eco-design for your project, please contact us at or visit our dedicated web page here.

Download our PDF resource here.

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