NetBit Electronics to Use 100% Recyclable Bulk Packaging

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NetBit Electronics to Use 100% Recyclable Bulk Packaging

NetBit Electronics (the only major power supply company that has an exclusive focus on customer premises equipment (CPE)) has made a commitment to now only use 100% recyclable bulk packaging from sustainable sources, designed to optimize shipping efficiency and to help their customers reduce C02 emissions.  

NetBit has already introduced a number of eco-measures for bulk packaging such as vegetable-based inks, and non-bleached kraft cardboard and replacing commonly used plastic tapes with paper-based alternatives.  

Moreover, NetBit is also developing new packaging designs for SUP-free transportation to meet international packaging standards. By incorporating innovative paper technologies that are easy to recycle, plastics and harmful materials used in shipping are becoming a thing of the past.  

NetBit has made eco-friendly measures their main priority for 2021. They have recognised the urgent need for change in the industry and have adapted the way they design, develop and deliver CPE power supplies to global OEMs and operators. 

Dennis Probert, NetBit Global Account Manager adds: “NetBit is excited to be leading the way on the eco-front within the CPE industry. We have a number of plans for this year and are looking forward to a greener future.” 

About NetBit  

With over 150 million power supplies deployed across the globe, NetBit is the leading PSU supplier focused entirely on customer premises equipment (CPE) such as broadband gateways, video set-top boxes, and smart home devices. NetBit’s customized power supply designs feature industry-leading efficiency and power density at competitive prices.  

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