Nano Technology Keeps the Heat in Greenhouses

greenhouse gfc2e61436 1920 Nano Technology Keeps the Heat in Greenhouses

Nano Technology Keeps the Heat in Greenhouses

Sustainable Development Technology Canada announced funding to 3E Nano to develop nano-technology coating for greenhouse glazing materials.

greenhouse gfc2e61436 1920 Nano Technology Keeps the Heat in Greenhouses
3E Nano has created a nano-thin technology designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Image: Pixabay

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is an organization that finds, funds, and fosters Canadian companies that are developing solutions to help solve environmental problems. As of March 31, SDTC has given $1.53 billion to 194 projects committed to developing sustainable technology. As a result, the organization has helped eliminate 22.6 megatonnes of carbon emissions from the atmosphere. It has helped the Canadian economy save $290.5M due to the benefits of air quality, clean water, and clean soil. Recently, SDTC announced they would invest $5 million in 3E Nano, a company developing “nano-thin” energy and solar control coating for greenhouse glazing materials.

3E Nano Technology

3E Nano is a Toronto-based company that has created nano-thin advanced technology designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their product is used on various materials, including glass, polymers and fabrics and is offered for commercial and residential buildings, transportation windows and greenhouses.

These coatings allow sun rays to pass through and block unwanted heat transfer. In residential buildings, these coatings have helped residents to help save money on heating costs. These technologies also feature a transparent metal layer that can be activated electrically to generate heat. For transportation vehicles, the coating could defrost and de-ice the surface in a matter of seconds. What’s unique about this technology is that it could be applied during manufacturing or after, as it can be laminated directly onto the glass of an existing structure.

Nano-technology in greenhouses

The purpose of greenhouses is to generate and keep heat inside to help plants grow throughout the year, even in cold climates. Plastic or glass greenhouse windows allow the sun’s electromagnetic rays to enter the structure and raise the air temperature. However, greenhouses can become less energy efficient in the winter due to decreased sun rays and the need to heat the buildings to protect the plants.

The high-performance glazing systems created by 3E Nano allow for maximum visible transmission and heat control relative to indoor and outdoor conditions. The coatings maintain maximum daylight for the plants and provide energy-efficient greenhouse glazing solutions across different seasons. The heat transmission could be customized for specific crops’ needs., tailored for specific plants or climates and extends the growing season. For warmer climates, these coatings extend greenhouse glazing and offer a high solar heat rejection while maintaining visibility for plant living space.

In addition to the benefits this nano-thin technology offers to residential and commercial buildings, it can drastically impact how greenhouses operate in Canada. These new technologies might even encourage the development of more greenhouses across the country, especially in places where it gets cold and can be expensive to heat over the winter.

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