myECO, An Electric Saving Startup Based in Indonesia

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Guest Post by: Bingkai Karya, a media company based in Malang, Indonesia

How and Why We Started myECO 

myECO is a startup engaged in the field of smart home technology solutions for saving electricity with product solutions for automatic electricity-saving devices based on IoT / internet of things. Founded on October 27 2020 under the name myECO Teknologi Nusantara which operates in the information technology sector based in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Various services launched by myECO in the field of technology have proven to be able to help people save energy. In fact, myECO has taken this step with its products such as smart lamps, smart fittings, and various IoT (Internet of Things) based products . 

“myECO is engaged in energy efficiency, saving electricity, we reduce (the impact of) climate change due to wastage of electricity. There are a lot of things we focus on, especially ESG and SGDs,” said Derifato, CEO of myECO. 

With the motto “Save your OUTgo with myECO” myECo is here to focus on saving electricity by reducing customer electricity bills and the ultimate goal is to form a culture of saving electricity. Of the 12 types of products available, myECO has won awards in more than 25 national and international events. In addition, myECO has also complied with patents, copyrights and brand rights to protect company rights. 

We are committed to creating a long-term positive impact on people and the planet through everything we do. Our Mission is Making myECO a contributing and socially and environmentally responsible company , and creating long-term added value for everyone in the myECO ecosystem. Our Purpose is to Adopt the best standards in the world in every social , environmental and operational management of the company to ensure business continuity. 

We align all initiatives and target setting with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and we translate them into our 3 pillars of Sustainability. These three pillars are the main foundation of all our business and operational activities, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the company and the global economy. Our three pillars are Green Campaign by leveraging our platform to change behavior at scale and enable everyone to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle; Green Partners in which we aim to empower everyone in our ecosystem by providing opportunities to improve livelihoods; and Green Relations which means we value diversity – we provide equal opportunity in the workplace, and ensure everyone in our ecosystem is valued, engaged and supported. 

MyEco x Bumibaik 2 myECO, An Electric Saving Startup Based in Indonesia

Our Products & Mechanism 

One of the leading innovation products called Smart EcoRoom is an IoT (Internet of Things)-based automatic electricity saving solution with savings of up to 55%. 

With the enthusiasm to contribute to saving electricity and creating smarthomes in Indonesia, we want to always maintain the security of each of our users’ data. 

● Servers in Indonesia 

○ Our server is located in Indonesia so that all data from users remains on the local Indonesian server 

● Safe and reliable 

○ We will always try to maintain the security and trust of our users

The mechanism of our app is pretty simple. Electric devices that are still on due to forgetfulness, laziness or distance constraints to turn them off, myECO automation to turn off when not needed resulting in savings and reduced electricity bills. By creating a Super App one stop solution with modern AIoT technology, we believe that the problem of wasting electricity can be reduced. There are 7 ways from our app that could help households reduce their energy usage. 

● SmartKWH: Smart KWH will help you find out the number of KWH expenses and electricity costs in real time. 

● Home analysis AI: This feature finds out which devices need to be used according to room conditions only with the Application. 

● IoT technology: We have IoT products that allow you to control electrical devices from anywhere. 

● Non IoT products: Non-IoT products as a support for IoT products in saving electricity without the internet with the help of sensors. 

● Controlling: Control your home’s electrical devices with a choice of manual, timer, schedule and automatic modes from anywhere. 

● Monitoring: Know easily the condition of the device’s on and off, electricity costs to forecasting electricity costs. 

● Management: Easy integration of electrical devices from every space and every condition.

MyECO Logo myECO, An Electric Saving Startup Based in Indonesia

Who Founded myECO 

The company was founded by Maulana Derifato Achmad, a student of the Information Technology Study Program for Vocational Education UB which is a university based in Malang, Indonesia. He shared some basic important points needed by prospective business people to be able to start a business. First, it starts with catching the problems that are around. The second started trying to build a solution using the available resources. Third, start doing the most easily executed tasks “Don’t forget the time management, and the last point is the importance of networking business,” he said. 

With this mindset, myECO has managed to be chosen as an innovative startup in a few awards and bootcamp programs. Some of them are Young Entrepreneur Award from Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports in 2022, myECO was also chosen as one of the startups for NextDEV Academy 2023 founded by Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest data provider. To operate its course, myECO was given funding by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in 2021 as much as IDR 257 million (approximately USD 17.000) for their participation in the Startup Innovation Program Indonesia. 

What is myECO up to in 2023 

Besides participating in an ongoing startup bootcamp NextDEV Academy which is developed by Telkomsel. myECO steps in maintaining energy sustainability are carried out in various ways. One of them is the movement to save the forest through reforestation. myECO Teknologi Nusantara took part in Launching Program Konservasi Hutan dan Daerah Tangkapan Air Tahun 2022-2023 activity held by Cempaka Foundation in Wonosunyo Village, Gempol District, Pasuruan Regency on

Tuesday, January 31 2023. myECO donated 200 seed trees for planting in the Sukmojati Block Forest Area, Dayurejo Village, Prigen District. An opening ceremony commenced and after signing the minutes, Derifato as the CEO of myECO and a representative from myECO handed over tree seedlings ceremonially to Komunitas Gunung Wangi. 

After the main event was over, the myECO group and other invited guests went to the residents’ gardens on the slopes of Mount Penanggungan to symbolically plant seeds. “myECO works in energy efficiency, saving electricity. We reduce (the impact of) climate change due to wastage of electricity. We focus a lot on it, especially ESG and SDGs. We don’t only talk about the economy, but also about the planet, environmental sustainability. Finally (we) met Cempaka Foundation and BumiBaik so we could bridge the gap to sustainability,” said Derifato, CEO of myECO. He also hopes that with this environmental preservation activity, people can be more aware of electricity savings, changing weather and climate, and the earth which is in a critical condition. 

In the same event myECO also announced that they have succeeded in converting 140+ used lamps to 10 tons of carbon as an attempt to pay for the carbons emitted by the lamps used in the society. This activity aims to increase people’s awareness that lamps they always use in their household emit carbons. Previously, myECO held a campaign to convince people to donate their used lamps to be converted to carbon. Not only that, the used lamps will be recycled so that no lamps are wasted. This time, they collaborate with fellow ec0-friendly startup, BumiBaik. 

myECO uses a technology in the BumiBaik digital platform to calculate the lamp conversion and the total of carbon emission by seeing the lamp’s lifetime and the amount of lamps donated. There are tons of advantages people get after they give the lamps. They will obtain a free new eco-friendly and high quality automatic LED lamp, free carbon payment, BumiBaik application voucher and access to myECO application, a knowledge about lamps that release carbon, and a contribution to earth and environment. Most importantly, people do not have to spend a penny on this campaign. 

“We indeed focus on how people are able to realize that electronics emit carbon and they have to pay for it. Those things need to be efficient because lamps turned on for 1 to 2 hours will keep releasing carbon. That’s why, myECO is here to make the energy efficient,” said Derifato, CEO of myECO Teknologi Nusantara. myECO is also determined to keep spreading the awareness of energy saving and educating people to save energy so that people are concerned about our deteriorating earth and love our earth more. “With this collaboration, we can share the similar vision and mission for environmental sustainability. Even though we are in different fields, we are still in the same lane. We hope that this collaboration can be the first step to work together with other startups in the environmental sustainability field,” said Rizal Rosyadi, COO of BumiBaik. 

These breakthroughs made by myECO have generated coverage from media outlets like Asia Business Outlook, HiTekno, Gizmologi, Jurnal Post, Kompas,, Liputan6, Kumparan Tech, and many more. So far, myECO has worked with fellow startups, organizations and other corporations such as Cempaka Foundation, Leastric, Solar Kita, Ruang Kos, and many more.

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