Music as a Safe Space to Ask Hard Questions and Become Better Earthlings

Music as a safe space to ask hard questions and become better Earthlings
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Music as a safe space to ask hard questions and become better Earthlings. Image by Leila Six

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Music as a safe space to ask hard questions and become better Earthlings

In a world marred by ecological crises and injustice, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of pressing issues facing humanity and the rest of the Earth. And even though data are extremely important, my offering to the world comes less from the mind and more from the heart: what I have to offer is music as a tool to foster emotional intelligence. Cultivating this kind of intelligence enables us to navigate the intricacies of our relationships with ourselves, others and the Earth with empathy, understanding, and compassion. By honing our emotional intelligence, we can build meaningful connections and work towards collective solutions to the challenges faced by the Earth.

And I believe music can help as through the power of melody and lyric, it has the ability to transcend language barriers and touch the very core of our being. It speaks to our hearts in ways that data alone cannot, evoking emotions and sparking introspection. Through my music, I tend to awkward parts of myself and ask them difficult questions within the safe confines of a nice song. And I invite others to do the same.

Each melody and each lyric is crafted with the intention of sparking conversations and challenging perspectives. Whether it’s a soulful ballad about our mortality or an anthem celebrating resilience and oneness, my goal remains the same: to foster emotional intelligence and cultivate a sense of unity and empathy among listeners.

In our hearts, most of us aspire to be decent individuals, striving to navigate this world without causing harm to others. Yet, despite our best intentions, there remains much work to be done to achieve what we perceive as justice and sustainability. And herein lies a paradox – while we yearn for a better world, our innate inclination to seek the path of least resistance often leads us astray. Indeed, the human brain is wired to favor shortcuts, seeking efficiency and ease whenever possible. This tendency has served us well throughout history, enabling our survival in a harsh and unpredictable environment.

Screenshot from the Music Video
Screenshot from the Music Video. Image: Leila Six

However, it also means that we may sometimes suppress uncomfortable emotions or inconvenient truths in order to maintain our sense of equilibrium in a chaotic world. Faced with the enormity of the challenges before us, it can be tempting to suppress feelings of indignation and sorrow and succumb to apathy and resignation. Yet, I urge you to resist this temptation because the truth is far more empowering: as free individuals existing within interconnected systems – both human and non-human – every action we take reverberates throughout these systems, shaping the world we inhabit.

And the first step towards effecting meaningful change is examining our values, behaviors, and choices with a critical eye and challenging ourselves to do better. This requires courage. It means stepping outside of our comfort zones and challenging ingrained habits and beliefs. And art can help us get there. Music that addresses the ecological crisis can make you feel uncomfortable. It may remind you that you’re a cog in the seemingly unstoppable machine that is our current production and consumption model, or make your eco-anxiety flare up.

But it’s also a safe space to observe these unpleasant feelings and hear what they are telling you. Music has a unique power to challenge prevailing narratives, inspire empathy, and spark collective action. By harnessing this power, we can begin to reshape the stories that define our societies, crafting a new narrative of reciprocity, resilience, and transformation.

Embracing our interconnectedness and our responsibility to one another and the planet helps us contribute to the collective effort to build a more just and sustainable future for generations to come. This is why I have chosen to dedicate my music to the exploration of our emotions, the understanding of our inner landscapes, and the forging of new narratives for the future. Through art, I seek to shed light on the human experience, to give voice to the silent struggles and unspoken truths that shape our world.

So, as you navigate the complexities of the world and seek to understand the myriad of issues we face, I invite you to also listen – not just with your ears, but with your heart. Allow the melodies to stir your emotions while holding you, the lyrics to provoke your thoughts, and the rhythms to move your spirit. Let us embark together on this journey of introspection, connection and creation. Let us dare to imagine a world where empathy triumphs over apathy and where compassion guides our actions. And let us do so with the understanding that the future is ours to shape, one emotion, one song, one act of courage and hope at a time. 

Check out my latest song about the ecological crisis here and share it to raise awareness around Earth Day on April 22nd!

You can find my music here: Stay tuned on Instagram and on TikTok!

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